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Multiple Teams · Beggs Power Team Travels to NE Regional

The Golden Demon power team traveled to Cleveland High School on Friday, March 3rd, to compete in the Northeast OFBCA (Oklahoma Football Coaches Association) Power-lifting Regional. The top five lifters from each weight class would qualify for the State Championships. To place in the top five, competitors had to have one of the best three lift totals at the end of the meet. The three lifts of power-lifting are bench, squat and dead-lift. Coye Hamilton started the day off by having the best squat in the 123 lb. weight class with a squat of 275 lbs., and several other Golden Demons set personal records(PR’s). In the heavyweight class, Hayden Horton continued that trend with a new all-time Beggs squat record with a lift of 535 lbs.  Next up was the bench press.  BJ Williams would set a new PR by bench pressing 280 lbs., giving him the second best bench press in the 181 lb. weight class. Coye Hamilton would also set a new PR and have the best bench press in the 123 lb. weight class at 170 lbs. In the last event of the day, dead-lift, the Golden Demons were primed to put on a show.  The Golden Demons had five lifters place in the top three in this event. Coye Hamilton took 3rd with a pull of 340 lbs. Derek Reed would pull 420 lbs. in the 145 lb. class, which was good enough to win the dead-lift. CJ McCall would take 2nd in the dead-lift just behind Derek in the 145 lb. class with a pull of 415 lbs.  Hayden Horton took 3rd in the heavyweight division, pulling 515 lbs.  BJ Williams won the dead-lift in the 181 lb. weight class with a pull of 550 lbs.  This pull would also win him the outstanding lifter in the dead-lift for the NE Regional. Overall, Beggs had seven lifters qualify for the State Power Championships. The Demons would also have one regional champion, Coye Hamilton, in the 123 lb. class with a total of 785 lbs. The Golden Demon Power Team has set over 200 personal records this year, and three all-time Beggs records fell. We are so proud of these lifters, and good luck to the lifters who made it to STATE!

Power Team

Coye Hamilton- 123 lb

Kendall Hanson- 123 lb

Andrew Clay- 132 lb

CJ McCall- 145 lb

Derek Reed- 145 lb

Ace McClellan- 157 lb

Cayden Cooper- 157 lb

Nathan Ross- 157 lb

Easton Davis- 157 lb

Zac Caldwell- 168 lb

Dalton Coble- 168 lb

BJ Williams- 181 lb

Kayson Toliver- 181 lb

Joe Martel- 198 lb

Dalton Reid- 198 lb

Austin Neal- 198 lb

TJ Austin- 220 lb

Kobe Daniel- 220 lb

Andrew “Tank” Price- 242 lb

Chase Stanek- 275 lb

Chris Waltman- 275 lb

Jackson Turner- 275 lb

Tafv Sanders- HWT

DJ Terry- HWT

Hayden Horton- HWT

State Qualifiers

Coye Hamilton- Regional Champion – Total- 785 lbs

Kendall Hanson- 6th in 123 lb class – Total- 650 lbs

Derek Reed- 4th in 145 lb class – Total- 910 lbs

CJ McCall- 6th in the 145 lb class- Total- 865 lbs

Cayden Cooper- 8th in the 157 lb class- Total- 885

BJ Williams- 3rd in the 181 lb class- Total- 1175

Hayden Horton- 5th in the Heavyweight class- Total- 1275